3 interview tips every junior designer and junior developer should know

Adekoya Tunde
3 min readApr 12, 2023

As someone who is looking to enter the tech workforce, you will need to take a series of interviews and tests to get your first role. Many of us find it difficult to get that first beginner role due to numerous reasons. Having gone through many interviews and tests, I decided to share what I learned during my job hunting phase, I feel this will help a lot of people who are new to the ecosystem when it comes to getting their first role as a designer or engineer.

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*Confidence is key

People underestimate the power of confidence when it comes to selling themselves, especially when it involves proving that you know the job and are willing to get the job done. When I got my first interview, I was shy and stressed about irrelevant things. Anxiety has a way of creeping in when you doubt yourself, and I learnt this late when job hunting. So how do you gain confidence when interviewing? Simply fix your posture in a relaxed manner your body is used to. This will trick your subconscious mind into believing that you're ready for this interview. I remember doing this when I was interviewing for a FAANG company, and it worked like a charm for the interview. The interviewer told me that he was nervous before getting to chat with me. Sidenote - I realized that just as you’re nervous, the interviewers are also. In summary, fixing your posture in a comfortable way helps build confidence tremendously.

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*Know the work

I feel this is very important and in a lot of ways overlooked whatever work is in your portfolio or resume, be able to explain what you’ve done with your eyes closed. Maybe not with your eyes closed, but you should be able to talk about your project and your contribution. This will give you an edge over a lot of people who just copy and paste designs and code. For Instance, during an interview, I was asked to take about a detailed project I worked on because I knew this project like the back of my palm I was able to summarize the project in an interesting and engaging way which impressed the interviewers. Ultimately, what I’m saying is, know your work and know it well.

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*Articulate your thoughts properly

This is something I personally have struggled with in the past, and I see it happen in the workforce, some designers and engineers find it hard to communicate their ideas to stakeholders and their team members. I believe I saved the best for last because if you can’t communicate your ideas you won’t really go far career-wise. As a beginner who's looking to become an important mark in the tech industry, I do believe consciously improving your communication skills is germane.

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