Web Development: Python for Beginners in 2022

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On the 18th of January 2022, I wrote my first line of code with python. It wasn't “Hello world” if you're wondering. I found myself at my Bootcamp learning more about calculation and solving maths like word problems with python, which was fun and I realized that I had not done maths for a while. At this point solving anything with math made me feel alive again.

First line of code in Python “Welcome to Python”
My first line on code in Python “Welcome to Python”

We started out by learning about variables, expressions, and operators, which was easy. I mean it was more like revision for me because of my experience using javaScript. We coded less and had more of a student-facilitator interactive class talking about data types, programming languages, syntax errors, and algorithms on the first day.

During the class, it was mentioned that sometimes programmers tend to make mistakes when it comes to data types on python for example a “ 5”, 5, and a 5.0 are different data types. “5” is a string, 5 is an integer, and 5.0 is a float. Furthermore, I used the print function print(type(“5”)), print(type(5)), print(type(5.0)) to get the type of data, and a fun fact is that the data type can be changed. From the example above, I converted a string to an Integer using print(type(int(“5”))).

Converting a string “5” to an integer 5

That's all folk, my first experience with python. I definitely can’t wait to start writing server-side logic. Hopefully, by the end of my web development program, I would create a bank and task management application.

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