Learning Python in 2022

Web Development: Python in 2023

Adekoya Tunde


Over the past few years, python has been the preferred programming language to learn in the tech ecosystem, using an easy syntax, and other benefits that help make programming easier. In September 2021, I started learning and practising front-end development and product design. I wrote my first Hello World with HTML, designed my first web application, and carried out my first UX research. I won’t lie, it has been nothing but practice, practice and, practice these past months.

Frontend Developer

Fast-forward to January 2022, I currently work with design and engineering teams using tools such as ReactJS, and Figma to build web projects. Tomorrow, I start backend development to complete my full stack program at Univelcity Bootcamp, and I will be working with python and Django.

Currently, I know there is a lot of noise about how python is easy, simple, and beginner-friendly unlike other programming languages out there, which is nice, but after learning front-end development I realized I want to be able to write short, clean, and scalable codes. I believe I can achieve my goal with python to write simple and scalable codes quickly and easily. However, after asking experienced developers about their thought about learning python in 2023 I got some solid points on why it should learn python, but some believe there is a lot of hype around it, and others believe it’s for lazy programmers who run from real scripting languages like Java, C++, C# and others.

Python in 2023

In my opinion, I believe that beginner programmers should learn python because it is easy to use. I mean, it’s more about producing results these days. More so, most tech industries prefer python as a standard programming tool in their organization. So my advice for anyone who wants to learn python in 2023, learn it and be good at it, also do not forget your data structures and algorithms, it saves a lot, I mean a lot of time and headache.

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