Web Development: Front-End Development for beginners

so far there have been a lot of mistakes I have made in the past few weeks of improving my front-end skillset. The pathway has been rigorous and frustrating but I would say I have built a thicker skin in accepting my mistakes and correcting them.

After 3months at Univelcity Bootcamp learning front-end development and product design(UI/UX). I would say I am beginning to take pride in my work and putting them out there to inspire others. Regardless, I believe that I still have a long way to go when it comes to web development. Currently, I use react.js and framer to work and practice web projects. Today, I have built a video chat application, designed and prototyped a few mobile and web applications using Figma.

During the period I built the Vstream video chat application. I became aware that as a web developer you need to pay attention to detail because of a particular problem I encountered. while programming the video app could not access my video, I checked my code severally both the frontend and backend of the application but nothing seem to be the problem, I cross-checked repeatedly for over 40minutes and still nothing I decided to check my camera setting and realized the Desktop app web viewer was turn off. I was pissed, I really can't explain how angry and happy I was to see my application was running fine. I said to myself ‘I guess this is what web developers go through every day of their lives’ Welcome to your new life Tunde.

To everyone out there still struggling with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, Vue, and others. As a side note, we are all still learning.

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